In any negotiation, keep your eye on the big picture

With a change in perspective, my decision was…

I really enjoy playing fantasy baseball, and I had a chance to win one of my leagues this past season but was struggling at the catcher and closer positions. As I looked at my strengths, I had an abundance of riches in the outfield, with some great players sitting on my bench because of the numbers. So I sat down to look at offers knowing that I could leverage my experience in negotiation strategy.

I was considering a trade offer where I would have to give up the best player in the deal (an outfielder) and a replacement for the much-stronger catcher that I’d be getting back.

I was thinking that that might not be a particularly smart negotiation strategy when a friend with whom I had worked side-by-side on many an affinity deal reminded me, “Don’t worry about winning the deal. Win the league.”

I hit Accept on the trade. And I won the league.


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