Hi.  I’m Peter Osborne. I remove the speed bumps (friction) that prevent you from telling your unique story.

I understand your frustration. You have a great product or service. But can your customers and employees explain what makes you stand out? Are you losing sleep over people who buy something but never return?

Are you looking for a new job, but wondering why your LinkedIn profile or resume isn’t getting responses? Why aren’t you getting interviews? Is it because you’re just not positioning yourself in the best possible way?

I get it.

Since 1984, I’ve been helping companies and individuals consistently communicate their brand stories. I create content and experiences that turn customers into evangelists. Wouldn’t you love a crystal-clear brand story that makes your customers the hero (Luke Skywalker) and positions you as the Yoda-like guide who will make their lives better?

I just finished reviving an alumni association that had stopped being relevant to its members. After restarting regular communications, creating new products, and re-engaging lapsed members, fundraising improved along with our relationship with the university.  At the heart of it, our simple tagline — Reminding Alumni Why They Love Baylor — resonated.

Faced with rising losses, reduced funding and a weakening economy, I re-energized a multi-billion-dollar affinity card portfolio. After a series of audit failures, I consolidated production of 13,000 marketing campaigns. And I made negotiations an organizational core competence at MBNA and Bank of America, saving millions through deal structuring and coaching.

Over the years, I’ve created messaging for a lot of tough topics.  Pricing and Overdraft Changes, Student Credit Card Lending. Layoffs. De-emphasis of Affinity card lending. And Bank of America’s ill-fated introduction of the debit-card fee (if we had only launched that web page showing who was excluded and how you could avoid the fee).

Where Is the Friction in Your Customer Experience?

Do you want your customer letters to be friendlier and reflect your brand story? A bylined article or conference keynote that will resonate with audiences? I can help.

In many companies, there are examples of friction everywhere. Do your sales presentations focus on the customer or do they spend too much time telling those partners how great YOU are? I can help. Do your customer interactions consistently reflect your brand message or do they drive away customers? Are website visitors clicking away before buying?  I can help fix all these issues.

Do you ever wish you could be the person answering your customer’s most common questions? I created proactive messaging for customer-facing representatives that addressed that concern.

If you need someone who can get up to speed quickly and ask great questions (and know what to do with the answers), please let me know how I can I help.

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