I could tell you how “great” I am, but I’d prefer to let other people I’ve worked with over the years tell you instead. I don’t see myself as the hero. You’re the hero. I’m just a guide who wants to help you be more successful.


When Peter Osborne took over as Chief Marketing Officer for the Baylor Alumni Association, there was doubt, for a variety of tragic reasons that pre-dated his arrival, whether the organization would even survive the year. With an enormous work ethic, an unbridled commitment to the organization, and with creativity and skill, Peter was instrumental in helping a beloved, 158-year old institution claw its way off the canvas, rebrand itself as the Baylor Line Foundation, and come out the other side as a strong, vibrant organization that serves as an independent voice for Baylor alumni.

Perhaps Peter’s greatest strengths are his work ethic and his commitment to the organization he serves. Peter does not punch a clock and check things off a list. Rather, Peter takes on the mission of the organization he serves as his own and sets out to zealously, tirelessly advance it.

Peter led the effort to rebrand the Baylor Alumni Association as the Baylor Line Foundation and revitalized its signature publication, The Baylor Line. As editor and primary writer for The Baylor Line, Peter’s work was superb. He was creative in the selection of topics, thorough in his investigation and reporting, and thoughtful and stylish in his presentation of often complex subjects. The Baylor Line is not a puff piece for Baylor University. A publication of an independent alumni organization, the Baylor Line seeks to engage alumni with the university by cheering Baylor’s triumphs but also by shining light on Baylor’s shortcomings and challenges. The Baylor Line tells unvarnished truth and strives to bring some measure of transparency to the affairs of Baylor University. That voice, that loving but honest scrutiny, is very difficult to capture. Peter captured it with pitch perfection in his writing and editing for the Baylor Line.

Peter also conceived and implemented an Oral Histories Project capturing the stories of beloved faculty and alumni. Peter expertly produced an important Town Hall Meeting at the height of the sexual assault crisis that has gripped Baylor University. With a sophisticated understanding of crisis communication strategies, Peter helped shape and amplify the voice of the organization through the darkest and arguably most notable years of its 158-year history.

— Tom Nesbitt, Former President of the Baylor Line Foundation, Sept. 7, 2017


Peter Osborne is perhaps one of the most gifted writers I have ever met. In addition, he literally never stops working and is intelligent and analytical in his approach to problem-solving. As the Past President of the Baylor Alumni Association (now the Baylor Line Foundation), I actively sought Peter to come to our organization to breathe new life into it.

Without boring the reader of this recommendation with a lot of history and details, Peter came to the BAA/BLF at a time when Baylor University was suing its Alumni Association (our organization). We were in crisis and needed the multi-level talents of a professional with Peter’s skill set. Peter immediately came in and began orchestrating our crisis management. He undertook a complete overhaul of our social media platforms, actively rebranded our organization, engaged our base, helped re-energize our fundraising efforts, and wrote and edited our first class magazine, The Baylor Line.

I know of nobody who could have done the things Peter did and accomplished the goals he set for himself and our organization, other than him. Peter was a key component to our survival. I recommend Peter, without equivocation to any business needing an intelligent tireless worker who excels in crisis management, writing, publishing, marketing, rebranding, and communications. He is unparalleled in his multiple areas of expertise.

— Keith Starr, Former President of the Baylor Alumni Association (now Baylor Line Foundation), August 24, 2017


I have had the pleasure to work with Peter Osborne for more than a decade at MBNA, Bank of America, and most recently on several consulting projects (including extensive RFP strategy and execution) as a management consultant at Cordjia. Peter has an extensive business background and an impressive record of accomplishments. Peter has an exceptionable ability to quickly understand complicated issues, thoroughly break down very complex and interlinking challenges, and identify actionable recommendations.

Peter is at his best under tight timeframes. He consistently demonstrates lightning fast turnaround speeds, achieves deadlines, and his work is always accurate and of the highest quality. Even outside his normal areas of expertise, Peter is an excellent resource. In short, Peter produces, he makes things happen, and he gets projects done.

— John Dickerson, Client Partner at Naehas (formerly with MBNA and Bank of America), December 5, 2009



For over a year Peter was my client, but more importantly and quite rare, he was a mentor and a friend. Working with him helped me grow as a professional and truly come into my own as a manager and a team leader. He challenged me when I needed to be questioned and encouraged me when I was due praise, but overall he helped me learn from our successes and grow from our failures. Ultimately we partnered together and did some incredible work. I was truly lucky to have the opportunity to work with Peter and look forward to the next time our paths cross again.

— Adam Snyder, VP of Corporate Communications, MUFG (formerly Senior Director at Burson Marsteller, June 11, 2014


In his role as Bank of America’s primary communications contact with MasterCard, Peter consistently demonstrated that he is a passionate PR practitioner, social media guru and “get-it-done guy.” We worked together on different projects and he showed an equal ability to come up with great ideas and to execute on them. Between managing complex, multi-participant Twitter chats to creating an infrastructure for a small-business content initiative, Peter is a great partner who builds bridges between partners and achieves mutual business objectives.

— Beth Kitchener, April 3, 2014


I’ve known Peter for a while but recently he came to help respond to a call for input on LinkedIn “professional headlines.” He went above and beyond providing a level of feedback and detail that I wouldn’t have been able to put in. I was very impressed with his insight (wisdom and experience) into brands and goals, and his tact in communicating constructive criticism. Shouldn’t surprise me, though, considering the big roles that he has had in the past!

— Jason Alba, Founder and CEO of Jibber Jobber, July 27, 2010



Peter assisted Chester Renaissance to create a clear, business focussed and results orientated plan for the city of Chester. We had already drafted a document and with Peter’s expertise, we were able to articulate our vision for the city, a delivery plan and importantly, a record of accomplishments to date – celebrating our work so far. In order for Peter to understand our complex multi funded public/private sector organisation he had to conduct his own significant research. Even taking account of the different time zones and cultures Peters level of diligence, attention to detail and professional output demonstrates how quickly he is able to gain a thorough understanding of an organisation’s business needs and translate those into a robust and deliverable plan. On behalf of Chester Renaissance, I would recommend Peter to any organisation wishing to add value to their team and wish him all the success in the future.

— Rita Waters, Chief Executive at Chester Renaissance, January 22, 2010


Peter helped us create a clear and compelling message for our Business Intelligence start-up company. We had clearly defined our offer and target customers, but we needed a concise statement to explain our value proposition to prospects. Peter researched our industry, read through our materials, and interviewed me to get a solid understanding of our business. He then quickly delivered a revised overview statement that I was able to immediately send out to several prospects, even while we were finalizing the wording and layout. Peter took the time to understand our business well enough that we could trust the outcome of his work.

— Bob Scott, Former President of The Bilander Group, October 23, 2009



I have been helping people fine-tune their LinkedIn profiles for the last 10 years but when it came time to reposition my own, I went straight to Peter Osborne! I have known Peter for several years and greatly admire his ability to communicate value. His years of experience in developing strategic communications for major corporations serve him well in his ability to position executives and small businesses on LinkedIn. Peter’s collaborative style, combined with his top-notch writing skills, make it a pleasure to work with him. Highly recommended!

— Kathy Simmons, Executive Director of Blue Steps Career Services and CEO of Experts Connection, January 9, 2015


Peter is a Bio Ninja. He transformed my unimpressive LinkedIn profile into a masterpiece. He helped me identify my key strengths and accomplishments and articulated them in a way that resonates with my target audience. Although I will use this bio across many platforms, his specialized knowledge of LinkedIn is a valuable bonus, as he outlined specific changes to make to my headline, industry and contact info. I highly recommend Peter to anyone looking to refine and improve their personal brand.

— Anne Shenton, Agency Director at Ascend Inbound Marketing, August 5, 2014




Peter has an uncanny ability to listen intently, ask insightful questions, and convert his new-found understanding into crystal clear messages, all in a remarkably short amount of time. Peter followed his 30 minute interview of me with a prompt and dramatically improved re-write of my Linked In profile that resulted in me being included in 6 recruiter searches and one recruiter telephone call within the following 7 days!

— George Wasilczyk, President of Innovation Diagnostic LLC, March 9, 2010


I came to Pete looking for assistance around my career communications. He listened to the points I made and took time to fully understand my background. Pete provided me with a full set of suggestions around my career branding, packaging, and communications. This included written documentation and a sound strategy around social media, web pages and blogs. Almost immediately after implementation, my LinkedIn account showed a sustained 200% increase in page views. I subsequently received many unsolicited and positive comments on my “new” LinkedIn presence. Pete has superior skills in translating complex information into common terms and effectively organizing ideas for presentation and acceptance. It was a pleasure working with Pete and I highly recommend him.

— Ed Kerbs, Senior Sourcing Manager, Royal Bank of Scotland, March 3, 2010



I have known Peter as a colleague, trusted teammate, and friend. He has great strategic vision and thinks “big-picture”, yet is also able to focus on minute details when it comes time to execute. His legacy will be the implementation and orchestration of a company-wide negotiations strategy that enabled us to achieve solid, WIN-win resolutions while preserving long-term relationships. We have negotiated together as colleagues numerous times, often under the glare of white-hot competition. These are the times when Peter is at his best: Employing a rigorous approach to preparation, role-playing, and deal rehearsal. Our company is better prepared today than it was ten years ago to face the challenges of an unpredictable market. Peter is also a gifted writer and is capable of a tremendous amount of work output. He is a talented relationship manager and has superior executive experience in sales and account management. It is, and always will be, a privilege to know and work with Peter.

— Jake Frego, Bank of America Senior Vice President, February 1, 2009



I enthusiastically recommend Peter Osborne for a leadership role in a Learning and Development organization. Peter is a man with great values, unmatched professionalism, and a selfless team player. Peter is a talented individual, who possesses strategic vision yet thinks North, South, East, and West when it comes to attention to detail. His communication skills have a tremendous impact both vertically and horizontally in an organization. Peter actively works to ensure the continuous transfer of knowledge and skills throughout the organization by driving the development of formal and informal training. He is also an agent for change. He has consistently demonstrated his ability to challenge the status quo by developing innovative and forward-thinking training activities that have a bottom-line impact. Peter is a superb classroom facilitator who paints a compelling picture of the future and connects it to individual associates. His maturity, judgment, and leadership will make him an impact player to any organization. Again, he has my strongest endorsement for a position in Learning and Development.

— Priscilla Eissenger, Bank of America Senior Vice President, October 12, 2010



The Brown Alumni Association recently worked with Peter Osborne as a consultant in the area of affinity financial products. Mr. Osborne draws upon a wealth of experience to provide special insight into the current collegiate affinity marketplace and the impact of the CARD Act on issuers, alumni associations, and customers. He has a unique understanding of both alumni association and issuer responsibilities under an affinity contract and helps associations to understand this often complicated landscape. He is also helpful in offering actionable recommendations on ways that alumni associations can strengthen their programs and be more active partners with their issuers
Mr. Osborne’s services are very reasonably priced. He develops and presents his material in a way that really engaged our committee members. We would definitely recommend him to other alumni associations looking for expertise and guidance in the area of affinity financial products.

Ann Rockwell Roe, Director of Business Operations at Brown University, July 14, 2010


Peter was highly effective at walking what is often a fine line for relationship executives: balancing between the goals of his firm and the needs of his client. Rather than being satisfied with the “agree to disagree” philosophy, he took an active approach to understand the dynamics underlying instances where a resolution was needed. I have encountered few individuals who recognize the importance of that skill, and I’ve worked with fewer who have mastered it. Peter is a master.

— Christopher Bradie Ed.D, Associate Vice President for Business Services at the University of Pennsylvania, September 4, 2009


I worked with Peter when we were renewing our contract with the bank and Peter led the efforts for Bank of America. Peter is a skilled leader with a very broad knowledge of business and an acute knowledge of negotiations. He brought a special passion and intensity to our renewal. His ability to understand our needs through active listening and then to translate those insights into a workable approach was really helpful. We appreciated his desire to think creatively on how to bring resolution to areas that seemed like nonstarters for both sides. He is definitely a leader and skilled negotiator at aligning the interests of the bank and the organization.

— Eric Cox, Director of Marketing for the Stanford Graduate School of Business, May 22, 2009





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