Magazine Articles

Here are links to articles I wrote for The Baylor Line and for some other publications.  To get to the stories, please click on the red links:

Where Have All the Baptists Gone?  Winter 2016 cover story from the Baylor Line looking at the reasons behind a sharp decline in enrollment among Baptists attending Baylor University.

Not At Baylor? The Surprising Issue of Student Hunger  Spring 2017 story in the Baylor Line looking at how Baylor faculty and staff are leveraging local resources to address the issue of student hunger on campus and to raise the awareness of stakeholders.

Kim Mulkey: In Her Own Words  Baylor’s iconic women’s basketball coach opens up about life on and off the court in a Spring 2017 cover story in the Baylor Line.

Stress Test  We talked to some of the growing number of students leaving Baylor with more than $100,000 in student debt in the Fall 2016 issue. How are they — and their families — coping?


From D Magazine in August 1990:  The Comeback Kid.  Profile of Dallas filmmaker Kjehl Rasmussen, who had seen a lot of career ups and downs.

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