Customer Touchpoints

Fine-tuning (or creating) your brand story is important, but it’s just the first step. The next part is sharing it across your internal and external platforms.

But that’s not just social media.

It’s your sales presentations. It’s your marketing collateral. It’s all the customer letters you send out — invoices, renewal notices, collection letters, credit authorizations, and dozens more.  It’s the way you treat job applicants, and how you welcome new employees on their first day.  It’s how you recognize their contributions to the company’s success. And it’s whether your website is an extension of your brand story or a barrier to it.

Are your employees evangelists for your brand? Do they embrace your brand story and share it with customers, or are they just punching a clock? Do your customers make a purchase and move on with their lives, or are they evangelists for your brand, sharing their experiences with family and friends?

I can help you identify your customer points and help you identify if there are breakdowns and what you can do to fix them. We’ll talk about how we can improve the customer (or prospective customer) experience — how they’ll know they belong with us and how we can help them feel like the hero of their story. We’ll talk about the 10 (or more) most common questions that customer ask and make sure every employee knows the answer and every customer can find the answer if they don’t want to call.  We’ll look at your website and see if it is clear in telling visitors what you do; how will your product or service make their lives better; and what do they need to do to buy it. And we can look at your various customer touchpoints and see if those processes can be streamlined or rebuilt.

If you’d like to talk about next steps, just fill out the form below and hit Send.


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