My goals are to help you differentiate yourself, to eliminate the friction that is weakening your offer and your value.

Here is a quick summary of what I offer clients. Over the next few weeks, I’ll be adding pages on individual services to this website. For now, please use the contact list at the bottom of this page and I’ll get back to you quickly

Corporate (and Individual) Messaging

  • Corporate Storylines: What makes you remarkable…and memorable? This may include white papers, talking points, blog posts, and annual reports. Rebranding your organization or launching a new product? I can help!
  • Crisis Communications (Before a Crisis Hits). I can help you create proactive messaging on sensitive topics that can be shared with all your customer-facing teammates and prepare executives to reduce the risk that their comments will throw gas on the media or online flames.
  • Presentations That Stick.  Bad presentations kill great ideas. Don’t let your deck be the barrier to being memorable. I’ll help you deliver your strong corporate message in your own individual voice and style.
  • Preparation for Media Interviews. We can help you pitch your story to reporters and bloggers.  But we can also help you avoid disaster and turn the interview into a marketing home run.
  • “Personal” Branding. Beef up your LinkedIn Profile (or Resume) that raises your online profile and make that first client meeting or job interview more productive. Or consider asking me to help your interns or college-age students make a great first impression by beefing up their personal marketing collateral.
  • Testimonials:  We can find the evangelists and post testimonials and video explaining why they love your company. We can also create a package of videos with your own employees talking about company values, product milestones, and the early days that made you who you are today.

 RFP, Negotiations, and Marketing Strategy and Execution

  • Sales Presentation Templates. Give your team a starting point that includes your core message and tells great stories. The template will enable them to concentrate on customizing their presentations for prospects or existing clients.
  • Value-Focused RFP Responses. Using a proprietary process, I can help you:
    • Craft responses that differentiate you from the competition; or
    • Help your partners develop proposal questions that will position you for success and make the decision based on factors beyond the financial amount of the bid.
  • Making Negotiations an Organizational Core Competency. Tired of finishing second…or never being sure where you stand? I’ll help you assess your team’s strengths and weaknesses and develop customized education and preparation tools to optimize your chances.
  • Deal Coaching. Get ready for critical negotiations.  I’ll guide you through the minefields. To get what you want, you have to help them get what they want. But you also have to know WHAT you want.
  • Process Re-Engineering. Streamline production and partner-management processes. Get your business partners into a room together and get yourselves in alignment.

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